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The Association „For Legal Content!” starts a social anti-piracy campaign

Wed, 28/02/2018 - 15:24

"The Association „For Legal Content!” starts a social anti-piracy campaign"

To raise awareness of the society that illegal watching of the online content on the Internet as well as the use of the illegal TV connection is an illegitimate action, namely, theft, the association „For Legal Content!” in co-operation with the State Police, the Patent Office and the Ministry of Culture has started a wide social anti-piracy campaign „Do not deceive yourself - you are stealing!”.

„The social anti-piracy campaign „Do not deceive yourself - you are stealing!” is to some extent confrontation of the society; to look ourselves into the eyes and recognize ourselves in the situations where we, probably, do not want to admit that by using illegal content, such as films, music or sport livestreams, we also act illegally, take part in theft and steal. Last two years’ experience shows that there are few people not realizing that they use the content or the TV connection illegally. People are not aware of the fact that such action is illegal and it is theft. We have created an animation for the campaign that demonstrates that the statement “but everyone else is doing it” does not withstand criticism, and the piracy tolerance basically comes to an end!” said Dace Kotzeva, the executive director of the Society „For Legal Content!”

A reminder: the portal Ņem droši! provides a single access point to Legal Offer websites in Latvia and the Ministry of Culture created it to provide an alternative legal option to non-licensed, illegal internet content. 

About the association „For Legal Content!”

The goal of the association „For Legal Content!” is to actively fight against the distribution of TV and films without the permission of the producer or supplier as well as to facilitate legal broadcasting of the TV on the telecommunications market.

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