In Ņem droši!, can I find free digital content or only paid content?

Ņem droši! collects a variety of Legal Offer Sites. This includes both types of content, payment required services and services for which you don’t have to pay because they are free and/or ad supported, i.e. providing free programming to an audience along with advertising messages.

Can I access Ņem droši! on all types of devices?
Yes, the portal can be accessed through all types of devices. However, we recommend to access Ņem droši! through your pc to obtain its best performance. Our team is constantly working to improve its usability and to ensure the best user experience including portable devices.
Who do I have to contact if I have detected a problem?

For any technical issues, please contact Ņem droši!. You will find the contact details in our Contact section.

For enquiries about the content in Ņem droši!, please contact us. You will find contact details in our Contact section.

What is the relationship between Ņem droši! and the EU portal agorateka?

Ņem droši! is a national portal containing lists of websites that offer digital content legally. It is linked to a portal at European level, called agorateka, which encompasses national portals from a variety of participating European countries, most notably the Member States of the European Union.

Ņem droši! is a national portal, that is hosted by the Patent Office of the Republic of Latvia. The portal was created to provide a trustable, simple and fast access to legal content available for consumers in Latvia.

Together with other national portals, Ņem droši! is contained within agorateka, the EU portal to Legal Offer websites. Some of the national portals have been created by the public bodies of the participating country, others exist due to collaborations between public entities and private sector organisations, and again others are from the private sector and have been included, by the participating country, to be present in the portal.

The fact that a website providing access to the digital content covered is not listed in a national portal does not necessarily mean that this site is illegal. Such a website might be still unknown to the national portal, it might not wish to be listed or it might have applied to be listed with the validation procedure still ongoing.


How does Ņem droši! work?

Ņem droši! offers several search possibilities of digital content websites. The search can be filtered by content type (for example, music). If you choose the option to search by content type, Ņem droši! will show you all the Legal Offer websites that contain the selected content type (for example, all Legal Offer Sites that cover the content type “music”).

What can I find in Ņem droši!?

Ņem droši! provides links to digital content websites in up to five different areas (music, films & television, e-books, video games and sports events) in Latvia.

Useful information about digital content online such as the type of format or whether it is free-of-charge or requires payment can also be found in Ņem droši!. Furthermore, the portal contains additional information, such as statistics, useful for citizens and businesses.

If a content field (for example, film) is not available in Ņem droši!, this means either that there is no Legal Offer Site for this type of content to date or that Ņem droši! has not yet identified such Legal Offer Sites in Latvia.

What is Ņem droši! and why has it been created?

Ņem droši! is the national Latvian online portal that helps consumers find legal digital content. It provides a fast and easy access to websites that offer this digital content respecting the intellectual property rights of authors and creators.

Ņem droši! provides an alternative legal option to non-licensed, illegal internet content which, if accessed, might be detrimental to yourself and others. The portal gives you an opportunity to reach these alternative options.

Why should I use Ņem droši! as a consumer or as a digital content provider?

Using Ņem droši!, consumers have quick access to Legal Offer websites. This portal addresses concerns consumers often have with regard to quality, safety (for example malware) and security when accessing content on the internet.

For digital content providers, Ņem droši! is a platform on which to display and make available to consumers their portfolio of digital content.

Ņem droši! provides an overview about the variety and the trends of legal offer sites for digital content in Latvia. This will enable citizens and businesses to perform a deeper analysis of the legal offers landscape.